Private Fees

Various certificates, letters, reports and examinations are not part of our NHS commitment and so we change the following fees according to the work entailed for Doctors and admin staff, and the degree of responsibility involved.

  • These fees are reviewed annually.
  • Following changes in legistlation from 1st january 2011 many of these fees now include VAT at the current standard rate.
  VAT Exempt examples Examples with VAT
Signatures and diagnosis/identity only

Valication of simple private medical insurance form

Per Signature £15.00

Fit notes for patients, Driving licence signature. Witness to LPA

Per Signature £18.00

Proforma / note requiring details from record or data entry, Brief factual notes "To whom it may concern...."

Private medical claim forms, income protection forms, holiday cancellations, Fit notes and forms for employers


Passport Forms (at Dr's discretion) and forms regarding pre-employment


Brief standard letters or reports with opinion as well as facts

Insurance replated letter/reply and brief letter to employers


Character reference, fitness to travel, exemption from court, Incapacity for activities e.g. Gym


Written reports from records.

Add 50p (60p inc VAT) per attachment

Insurance and Post-employment factual reports or exam dependant on time spent

From £55.00

Legal reports, pre-employent reports or exam as well as Firearms Licence paperwork

From £66.00

Details reports from records with opinion and references  to other agencies

Add 50p (60p inc VAT) per attachment

Insurance and Post-employment factual reports or exam and opinion dependant on time spent

From £105.00

Pre-employment reports and references, detailed legal reports.

From £126.00

Examinations, typically allowing 30 minutes

Health screening for insurance


HGV, full pre-employment, taxi, or childcare medicals


Non-NHS Consulations and brief examinatons

Overseas patients

Per 10 minutes £35.00

Examination for Lasting power of Attorney, sports or employment

Per 10 minutes £42.00

Other non-NHS work By prior agreement only By prior agreement only

Private Vaccincation Charges

Vaccination Fee
Hepatitus B (per dose) £45.00
Hepatitus B (Adults course of 3) £100.00
Hepatitus B (Under 16 years course of 3) £60.00
Rabies (1 dose booster) £68.00
Rabies (3 dose initial course) £190.00
Hepatitus B Blood Test £43.00
Gardasil Vaccine £127.00
Japanese Encephalitis (2 doses) £180.00
Japanese Encephalitis (Booster) £90.00
Shingles Vaccine £175.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis (Per dose - Adults to age 15 years) £56.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis (Per dose - 1 to 15 years) £51.00
Meningitis ACWY (Per dose - Over 1 years) £60.00
Yellow Fever including Certificate £72.00
Yellow Fever Cerificate reissue £15.00
Private Blood Tests £22.00 each plus £15.00 admin fee per visit
  • All vaccines must be paid for in full prior to them being ordered into the surgery.
  • Receipts are available on request