Healthcare Team

Community Midwives

Our midwife runs her clinic on Tuesdays. If you are recently pregnant a booking appointment around 8 weeks after the your last menstrual cycle should be booked by phoning 01892 633488. Otherwise please phone reception.

Jess Bowden (f)


Community Nurses

Our district nurse team provide nursing treatment and advice to patients who are housebound or recently discharged from hospital. They are currently based in Cranbrook and may be contacted on 0300 123 3143


Health Visitors

The health visitor may visit pregnant mothers and children under 5 years of age carrying out developmental checks at 1year and review at 27 months, offering advice and support where needed. She contacted via the Mole Hill Copse Clinic on 0300 5550506. The Child Health Development Clinic is run on the 2nd  Monday mornings of each month between 09:30 and 11:30 at the Children’s Centre. 

Sarah Hope


Attached Staff

Private Podiatrist - Linda Pearce

Appointments are made by phoning reception.