Waiting For Your Hospital Appointment




We understand this can be a worrying time, and reports of the NHS in crisis mean that there are uncertainties around how quickly you will be seen for your health problem.


What Happens Next?

Your GP will complete the referral to the specialist. This will be sent to them and triaged by the hospital team to determine how quickly you are seen. Appointments are Urgent or Routine.


When Will I Hear When My Appointment Is?

Currently waits are variable between departments and hospitals and can be quite long. You can check expected waiting times though the NHS website 


I Want To Be Seen Quicker, What Can I Do?

There is a large backlog of patients waiting to be seen, and they are all being triaged in the same way. If your condition changes and you are experiencing more pain or feel more unwell, and you have not had your first appointment with the hospital, book a review consultation with your GP. If you have already been seen at the hospital and are waiting for treatment, then please contact the hospital team directly to get a review. If your condition is the same as it was on the day you were referred then there will be no change in your waiting time. Please be assured that NHS teams are working as fast as they can to see everyone as soon as possible.


What Can I Do While I Am Waiting? 

Reasons for referral to hospital vary widely, as a general rule anything you can do to optimise your health while waiting will help you. Is your referral likely to lead to an operation? Try and ensure you are a healthy weight and get your blood pressure checked. If you smoke think about stopping and if you have diabetes keep your blood sugar under control, all these things will help you to recover faster. There are tips and means of support on the Kent One You website.


Other Useful Information