When We Are Closed

If your problem can't wait until the surgery reopens please call 111. This call will be taken by Care UK  who will assess the most appropriate action. A telephonist will take all the necessary details and then institute one of three options: 

  1. Telephone advice.
  2. Arrange for you to visit the doctor from IC24 in Tonbridge or Maidstone: This will require you to go to Maidstone Hospital or Tonbridge Cottage Hospital where  you will be seen quickly and given the necessary medical treatment.

3. Home visit: If the severity of the medical condition is such that you are unable to travel, then the emergency car will bring the duty doctor to see you at home. It is possible that this doctor will contact you before visiting to check on your medical condition, ensuring a visit is needed and confirm directions.

Be reassured that the 111 service  and the ambulance service  SECAMB work in close cooperation.


Dealing With An Emergency

Call 999 in an emergency. 

A medical emergency is a situation in which the health of a person is at high risk of deteriorating rapidly without immediate medical attention.

For example, chest pains, increasing difficulty in breathing, impaired consciousness and any of the signs of a stroke (facial weakness, inability to lift a limb or slurred speech) constitute an emergency.

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