Winter Pressures




The whole NHS is under pressure like never before.

Hospital and ambulance waiting times increase pressure on General Practice, which is also dealing with increased demands for urgent and ongoing care.

GPs are seeing twice the number of patients that we were 10 years ago. At Marden we will always try to provide the best service we can, but we are now routinely working beyond our capacity. 

Please help us to help you:

Consider alternative support first  If you do need NHS help and you’re not sure where to go, visit for a list of local services, including urgent treatment centres.

Urgent Appointments

  • Please only request an urgent appointment if your problem really cannot wait. 
  • Requesting a call back as early in the day as possible helps us to prioritise and allocate your care safely
  • On rare occasions, we may become too busy to be able to offer you safe care- in which case you may be redirected to 111 or A+E.

Routine Appointments

  • We are increasing availability.
  • We will usually be able to offer a routine appointment with any clinician in 2-3 weeks, and with a specific doctor in 3-4.
  • This is significantly better than national and local averages. Please be patient.

Non-Urgent Care

  • Requests for forms, letters, documents and signatures have low priority.
  • They all take time which we need to spend on clinical care.
  • We will need to say "no" to some requests which are not related to medical needs (eg proof of identity/ passport applications) 

Published: Dec 15, 2022